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Wellness at the table: fresh recipes for the summer with an EVO theme

Wellness at the table:
fresh recipes for the summer with an EVO theme

Even if the weather does not seem to be our accomplice yet, the desire to indulge in summer recipes reigns supreme in the kitchen: practical, fast and light. Those recipes for the summer that loudly scream the use of an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, able to bring out more those delicate tastes of the classic dishes that set our tables in the summer.

The heat is approaching and the desire to get in the kitchen drops drastically … and here, therefore, we try to resort to those classic fresh and quick recipes that we all love and in which we find comfort and practical solutions just in time of need .

The combinations are endless and even if we always seem to fall back into classic summer recipes, we know that our mind is always able to give birth to new ideas, new compositions and discoveries that manage to delight our days and take away that sense of heat that it oppresses us in the hot months.

Also in this case our extra virgin olive oil turns out to be the undisputed king of all preparations, capable of bringing color, flavor and well-being to our home and beyond; in fact, olive oil also provides the perfect base to give us the right amount of energy we need for free to face the summer heat. So green light to the use of extra virgin olive oil, at all ages, without distinction; whether for lunch, dinner or as a snack, in your summer recipes do not forget to give the final touch with our extra virgin olive oil … your family, your friends and even your body will thank you.

So take a pen and paper and let’s dive together to discover how we at Frantoio Bonamini combine our EVO with the classic fresh recipes for the summer … because we too become lazy when the heat begins to be overwhelming, but coincidentally the solution perfect, so as not to give up on taste, it is always the same and here we play at home: that drizzle of extra virgin olive oil is able to change the situation of a summer dish, apparently sad, from so to so.

Santa Giustina, Vert de Vertes and PDO Veneto Valpolicella:
our summer collection

When the heat begins to be felt, the shelves of our tastiest and most fruity extra virgin olive oils seem to empty as if by magic. Our trusted customers want, in fact, to have on their table and in their pantry ready to use, the right olive oil, able to create that perfect harmony between their recipes for the summer and the only condiment without rivals.

Our recommendations vary according to your needs but we are of the opinion that our summer collection of extra virgin olive oil is made up of three of our big names; those musts that must never be missing at home or of which you must always have the right supply, so as not to find yourself falling back on the classic summer recipes, so easy and fast, but definitely tasteless and colorless.

Remember that the eye always wants its part … even at the table!

Our flagship, our favorite Veneto Valpolicella PDO, thanks to the classic indigenous varieties Favarol and Grignano and to its ample vegetable and aromatic charge of lettuce and celery, basil and mint, turns out to be the winning extra virgin olive oil when paired with classic dishes fresh summer such as carpaccio. Of meat, fish and even vegetarians or vegans, loved by everyone and to be prepared without any difficulty, they find the maximum exaltation in flavor in our most awarded and praised extra virgin olive oil.

If instead we pass to the undisputed queen of all recipes for the summer, then here the ideal match for all palates is with one of our most traditional olive oils: Santa Giustina. What are we talking about, will you say? But rich, colorful and tasty summer salads; the green base of the salad, the bright color of the tomatoes and carrots, the right sourness of the gherkins and the winning combination of any protein source, create the perfect combination of taste, flavor and practicality. The recipe for the summer of excellence! This dish cries out for a robust dressing, a sensation of freshness, an aromatic and decisive flavor … and that is why the combination can only be with our most loved extra virgin olive oil, produced with a majority of green olives. The Santa Giustina is precisely able to enhance the dishes and palates even of those who had always been shy and insecure about extra virgin olive oils that have the audacity to dare a little more than others.

We are Italians and as good lovers of the wide world of carbohydrates, a slice (or even 2) of good and crunchy fresh bread must never be missing on our table. Creating a summer themed bruschetta is the easiest and fastest summer recipe we can find … panzanella, avocado toast or even the classic Apulian frisella represent the dinner savers of many of our customers. At this point the choice for the perfect extra virgin olive oil falls without a doubt on our recent addition, the Vert de Vertes. One of the most successful experiments of the owner Giancarlo Bonamini, who brings the only extra virgin olive oil produced with a selection of only green olives in the national and international rankings, turns out to be, with its fragrant scent of leaves and fresh fruit, the ideal condiment for the classic and timeless Italian bruschetta, a cornerstone of our summer recipes.

Quality additions to your fresh summer recipes

The dishes that we bring to the table every day sometimes just need that extra touch to get away from the monotony of every day and be able to become a new tasty discovery every day. Bonamini specialties in extra virgin olive oil are exactly what is right for you!

A wide choice opens up before you as soon as you step into our shop … shelves and shelves of delicious delicacies just waiting to be used exactly as they deserve, in your recipes for the summer.

The selection that is right for you includes three of our best sellers: let’s discover them together!

Our Pitted Black Olives are exactly as you imagine … one leads to another. Tasty and delicious, immersed in that green gold that the extra virgin is able to replicate, they find a place in any self-respecting summer recipe. From meat, to fish, from first courses to second courses, up to the aperitif, these olivette are simply irresistible and our advice is to always choose our maxi version, because of the small one, you will not see even the shadow .

A great asset of our production is our line of pickles, packaged with the unmistakable aroma of extra virgin olive oil, able to enrich summer lunches and dinners with friends. The crunchy and colorful Giardiniera, the tasty and succulent Artichoke Hearts, the tasty and most loved sundried Tomatoes are just some of the choices made available to you for your success in the kitchen and in terms of fresh and quick recipes. Additions of the highest quality … oh and we recommend one thing: absolutely to use the precious extra virgin olive oil of these specialties, nothing is wasted in our recipes for the summer.

Did you know that as an alternative to our olive oil, another valid condiment could be the famous Pesto with Fresh Basil? Yes, because just as EVO turns out to be the source of “good fats” for our meal, Pesto itself is able to take its place thanks to its ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, cheese and dried fruit, all products that fall into the category of those “fats” that are good for our body and that we need on a daily basis.

The combinations in this field are endless and tasty until the last forkful … pasta and cold rice, on caprese, on fresh salads of legumes and cereals, on bruschetta and we could go on indefinitely listing you why choosing our Pesto is one of the most obvious choices for the success of your quick and easy summer recipes.

Recipes for the summer? The paired wine also plays its part!

As summer and heat advance, our trusty companion on cold winter evenings, that glass of red wine enjoyed in front of the fireplace, leaves room for a refreshing glass of white wine drunk in company or combined with a classic summer dish.

The world of extra virgin olive oil therefore leaves aside and welcomes our line of Cort’Emilia Bonamini white wines, the perfect allies for summer aperitifs or lunches and dinners in the garden.

To accompany your recipes for the summer, our proposals are as follows:

  1. 1) Soave DOC: with a floral and vinous aroma and a harmonious and soft flavor; it is perfect paired with light and quick starters and first courses, second courses with shellfish and fish in general, white meat; excellent aperitif with pretzels and olives. It is served chilled in crystal glasses.
  2. 2) Lugana DOC: refreshing like a deep breath of fresh air. It lends itself to being the perfect combination with first courses, second courses of white meat or lake or sea fish dishes. In order not to miss anything, remember to always add that drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil to all your fresh recipes for the summer!
  3. 3) Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry: the wine that represents the much loved Venetian and Italian aperitif. Known internationally, like its brother extra virgin olive oil, it has the classic scent of pure Prosecco, with fresh hints of fruit and flowers. The balance between aromas, flavor and aromatic intensity, gives excellent drinkability and pleasantness to tasting. Perfect for aperitifs with fruit or fish, inviting with light fish-based first courses, in closing it is an excellent match with dry artisan pastry.
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