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Guaranteed Italian extra virgin olive oil: the choice that triumphs

Guaranteed Italian extra virgin olive oil:
the choice that triumphs

The first question, which crowds the minds of all those who are starting to take their first steps in the vast world of Italian and non-Italian extra virgin olive oil, is always the same. Whether it is out of simple curiosity and general culture or a profound interest in the subject, the first step towards climbing the discovery is to find an answer to the question “how to choose extra virgin olive oil?” and, in particular, for us who, as good Italians, love our product and are proud to consume and support it, “how to choose Italian extra virgin olive oil?”.

If you ask this question to 10 producers of extra virgin olive oil, you will probably receive 10 different answers; but we at Frantoio Bonamini, a reality that stands out in the panorama of the production of Italian extra virgin olive oil, have come to a conclusion that contains in a single answer the wealth of experience that we have created during our 55 years of activity in world of extra virgin olive oil.

And now, we thought we would share it with you … so that everyone can make the correct decision in choosing olive oil to keep on the shelves of your kitchen, ready to be used in everyday recipes and to take to your own. table daily, so as to be able to give that added value that only a good Italian extra virgin olive oil can give.

Leaving aside for a moment the “taste” factor which plays a completely subjective role in the choice of extra virgin olive oil, we would like to pay particular attention to those rather objective characteristics; those peculiarities that will lead you in the best way through the endless paths of Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Certifications, national and international denominations… are the greatest guarantees for the consumer, the sure shot, the final choice that is undoubtedly correct.

Veneto Valpolicella DOP oil, DOP Garda oil, Organic olive oil and Monocultivar or Cru are all those small but relevant details that will not make you fall into temptation, rather they will hold your hand throughout the process of choosing extra virgin olive oil. Italian olive that suits you best, being careful not to slip on the wrong olive oil.

The PDO denomination: Veneto Valpolicella and Garda

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) is a trademark for the legal protection of the designation, which is attributed by the European Union to foods, therefore in our case to extra virgin olive oil, whose qualitative characteristics essentially and exclusively depend on the territory in which they are been produced. It also represents, for the consumer, the maximum guarantee of the origin of the product.

Our range of EVOs can boast three products that honorably fall within the Veneto DOP oil range: the award-winning Veneto Valpolicella DOP oil, its brother the Veneto Valpolicella DOP – Passioni di Verona and the new addition, DOP Garda oil.

Our flagship, an extra virgin olive oil produced with the typical local indigenous varieties Favarol and Grignano, is finely fruity, with a golden yellow color with shades tending to green; a sweet and lovable olive oil, suitable for delicate palates and recommended in combination with light dishes of boiled or grilled fish and white meats.

If we are talking about Veneto Valpolicella PDO oil, the next step is to absolutely mention our other extra virgin olive oil that has earned this important denomination: Veneto Valpolicella PDO – Passioni di Verona. The only difference between our two most important certificates is the harvesting period and the production period which, even if they differ by a few weeks, going to harvest a fruit later in maturity will produce an extra virgin olive oil more delicate, like our Passioni di Verona, which is still able to renew the sweet culinary pleasure.

For some years now we have decided to broaden our horizons by including a different type of dop oil on our shelves: no longer Veneto Valpolicella DOP oil, but Garda DOP oil. Changing the production area, which passes from the precious Val d’Illasi to the Veronese shore of Lake Garda, not only changes the name but every single feature, from the smallest to the most important, is subject to change. An extra virgin olive oil produced with classic varieties such as Casaliva, Frantoio and Leccino, which give an extra virgin olive oil with sweet notes and a typical almond aftertaste; it is recommended in combination with various dishes and recipes based on lake fish, carpaccio of meat and fish, dips and soft cheeses. A peculiarity that brings greater points to our Garda DOP oil is that its characteristic taste makes it the perfect ally in the preparation of desserts, in combination with chocolate, on sorbets or ice creams.

Incredible but true: that the sweet world can get along well with the marked reality of Italian extra virgin olive oil is a novelty that has no rivals!

Producing ensuring a future: organic agriculture

Environmental protection is not a slogan and we at Frantoio Bonamini, who have always maintained a deep bond with the fertile land that surrounds us, know this well. In fact, the best certainty we have is knowing that we have the ability to produce our extra virgin olive oil in harmony with the available resources, guaranteeing a future, not only for ourselves, but also for the fertility of our most precious asset.

Our Organic olive oil, with ethical and environmental certification controlled by ICEA, has a golden yellow color mixed with light shades of green and both on the nose and in contact with the palate, expresses all its characteristics from extra virgin olive oil on average. fruity. The recommendations for use for this organic extra virgin olive oil are strictly raw on pasta dishes, white meats and cooked or stewed vegetables.

Cru & Olio Monocultivar: two additions to our “oltionary”

We know that Frantoio Bonamini is always looking to make continuous improvements to its production of extra virgin olive oil, with small additions, modifications or experiments. And it is also known to the general public that, thanks to national and international awards and recognitions, such bets are a risk that we are happy to have taken. In the long run, the introduction of products such as CRUs or Monocultivar extra virgin olive oil has led our oil mill to rank among the top of the broad scenario of Italian extra virgin olive oil.

These two denominations may sound new to the ears of all those who are approaching the knowledge of extra virgin olive oil for the first time, but we are here to clarify and therefore we are launching the presentations of our CRUs, including our Monocultivar Grigano oil.

A CRU olive grove is defined when the climate, soil and other factors, natural and otherwise, give the olive oil unique, specific and non-reproducible characteristics, different from all those present in other oils, even produced in nearby places.

Our first bet in the field was the Campo di Casa; so called because the olives used come directly from the 950 olive trees that make up the olive grove around the mill. The right and studied blend made sure that we were able to create an extra virgin olive oil balanced in its fresh fruit sensations with soft and sweet notes, which make it the perfect ally for the final presentation of dishes such as fish, pasta with white sauces, fresh cheeses, boiled or boiled vegetables.

Among the CRUs, the mention that perhaps does us the most honor and that was enthusiastically welcomed among the tasting counters of the major exponents of Italian extra virgin olive oil is our Monocutlivar Grignano extra virgin olive oil.

Grignano is one of our local autochthonous varieties, to which we are very attached and on which we know we can count in the success of the final product. In this case present 100% in purity, the Grignano variety produces a fresh extra virgin olive oil, with hints of grass and green apple and in contact with the palate it is able to express all its fruity charge and its natural softness . Try it raw on seafood salads and steamed shellfish, first courses with shellfish, grilled fish, white meats or fresh cheeses and it will be clear as the sun why we have decided to take this path; at first uphill and uncertain but which, once we reached the summit, was able to positively upset our primitive idea of ​​Italian extra virgin olive oil and in particular of monocultivar oil.

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