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Infused olive oil: the green gold with a thousand of shades

The more one goes on, the more the general thought of giving oneself that “something more” increases. Not to be satisfied with the base, not even the medium, but to aim, as well as always higher, even daring and pushing after the line of the so-called comfort zone.

There are rumors and people are always talking more and more about flavored condiments or infused oils. Of those extra virgins that crowd supermarket shelves with their bright colors, capable of attracting the attention of all curious customers looking for some good olive oil to bring to their dinner table.

And it is precisely at that moment that the infused EVO oils make their move and in the blink of an eye the customer finds himself sucked into a whirlwind of colors, aromas and flavors that from that moment on, and he knows it well, will do always part of his everyday cooking life.

But the real question is: do all these curious people really know how to combine infused extra virgin olive oil condiments correctly? So as to get the maximum pleasure from the first use?

As is well known, the taste is personal, yet … one infused olive oil is always different from the other.

Here’s how we like to combine the infused olive oils

Olio aromatizzato al peperoncino vendita

    • Chili pepper infused olive oil: the spiciness of this flavored olive oil is able to enhance the flavors of legume soups, grilled veggies, vegan and/or vegetarian recipes, barbecue meat, the classic Italian pizza… the bravest palates may dare to use this pepper olive oil condiment even in the making of chocolate-based desserts.

Olio aromatizzato al rosmarino vendita

    • Rosemary infused olive oil: a pungent and aromatic extra virgin olive oil that goes perfectly with roasted potatoes, legumes, tomato sauces, baked pumpkin and white and/or red meat pasta dishes. This flavored condiment is also particularly useful in the preparation of red meat marinades, before cooking it on the grill or barbecue.

Olio aromatizzato al limone

    • Lemon infused olive oil: lemon flavored EVO oil is a delicate and tasty dressing, sometimes also surprising. Excellent to give that extra touch to raw meat and fish carpaccio, mixed grilled fish from the lake and/or sea, white meats, fresh salads and pasta salads. This infused olive oil condiment is said to be a favorite of grandmothers, as it turns out to be very useful in the making of the classic soft for breakfast.

Olio aromatizzato al basilico vendita

    • Basil infused olive oil: basil flavored olive oil always finds space in the kitchen of all lovers of good food. A caprese, a fresh frisella with cherry tomatoes and tuna, a pasta and rice salad, a classic Italian bruschetta or the fresh tomato sauce from an ancient family recipe. These are just a few examples of using this basil extra virgin olive oil, but the truth is… basil is a bit like parsley. It is everywhere!

Olio aromatizzato al tartufo vendita

    • Truffle infused olive oil: truffle olive oil has no middle ground, either it is love or hate. Those who find themselves on the rosy side of this diatribe will surely find the pairing of this flavored condiment on fresh homemade pasta or risotto excellent, always combined with other ingredients with an equally balanced taste. Delicious on soft cheeses, on mushroom carpaccio or to cook eggs, in all their forms.

Condimento aromatizzato all'origano vendita

    • Oregano infused olive oil: EVO oil infused with oregano is easy to use, just like all other aromatic herbs’ olive oils. It is in fact the ideal accompaniment for tomatoes and summer vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes and peppers. But also cheeses, potatoes and game-based dishes are another winning combination choice for this flavored olive oil.

Condimento aromatizzato all'aglio

  • Garlic infused olive oil: talking about one of the oldest ingredients of Italian cuisine, we propose the garlic olive oil, which in the kitchen is perfect for sautéing, as a condiment for grilled vegetables, in the preparation of marinades in general, grilled fish, stewed or mixed soups.

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