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Bonamini Olive Oil, the protagonist of a recipe by chef Francesco Aquila of Masterchef

Bonamini extra virgin olive oil, PDO Veneto Valpolicella, winner of the most important national and international prizes, is not only a must product in the daily kitchen of all of us but it happened that it was also the main ingredient in the creation of specific recipes based on of extra virgin olive oil by a renowned face of Italian television.

You know, when you try your hand at creating the perfect menu, the choice of the correct extra virgin olive oil is a matter of fundamental importance. Deciding which EVO oil will be able to enhance all the individual aromas of our dishes is almost like deciding in which wedding dress to go to church or how to furnish the living room in the new house. Extra virgin olive oil must be scrutinized, smelled, tasted and only when you have found the perfect candidate for your extra virgin olive oil recipes, only then can you begin your culinary creation.

It was just like that for Chef Francesco Aquila, winner of the 10th Edition of Masterchef Italia. In the great challenge proposed by LODO Guide, for which our PDO extra virgin Veneto Valpolicella has no equal, Aquila clashed against another Masterchef 10 finalist, Antonio Colasanto and created an entire menu using our flagship extra virgin olive oil.

Let’s find out more about the winner, both in the kitchen and on the table!

Francesco Aquila, winner of Masterchef 10

Born in 1986, of Apulian origins but adopted from Romagna, bar teacher and maitre. He is passionate about cooking since he was a child and immediately tries to make his way into the cooking show, also enjoying flourishing success thanks to the creation of recipes that 100% reflect his personality, focusing on strong tastes and on the ecstatic presentation of the dishes themselves.

He later winner of the 10th edition of Masterchef Italia and one of the most loved contestants in the history of the show.

The Great Challenge launched by Lodo Guide, the international guide to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world

Lodo Guide is an innovative project, the true stage of world olive oil excellence.

Emotions, itineraries, experiences. Discover new boundaries of taste and travel destinations through a story of images, people and professions, where the protagonists are the best extra virgin olive oils in the world and their masters.

A selection of 459 of the best extra virgin, produced by 328 companies, from 11 different countries.

At the top of the rankings of the various denominations of EVO oils, we find nothing less than our PDO Veneto Valpolicella oil and it is precisely for this reason that in the “Lodo Social Project” challenge, winners clashed, using equal “weapons” in the kitchen qualitative level, or other winners.

Olive oil biscuits in the competition recipe

The refined olive oil recipe of the winner Aquila involved the creation of a fresh, elegant dish with an intriguing final note, just like our extra virgin PDO Veneto Valpolicella.

He then went for prawns with extra virgin olive oil biscuits and Parmesan ice cream.
A melodious description for an equally out of the ordinary dish.

To let you get your hands on and above all to expand your culinary background in the field of recipes with extra virgin olive oil, we will share with you the original recipe, which the “master” chef himself wanted to give us.
So, here are the ingredients you will need to create olive oil biscuits to convince even the most skeptical of the matter:

• 300g of flour
• 80g of PDO Veneto Valpolicella extra virgin olive oil
• 1 teaspoon of salt
• 1 teaspoon of yeast
• 100ml of hot water
• aromatic herbs to taste

Discover the recipe!

Bonamini Veneto Valpolicella PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a safe choice

Multi-award winning EVO oil in major Italian and non-Italian olive oil competitions, such as Flos Olei which has included this extra virgin olive oil in its Hall Of Fame, awarding 100 points out of 100.
It represents the flagship of Frantoio Bonamini.
Produced in limited quantities at the end of October with Grignano and Favarol varieties, the taste has a wide vegetable and aromatic charge of lettuce and celery, basil and mint.
It goes well with amberjack carpaccio, shellfish salad and fresh soft cheeses.

Do you want to discover all the features of this Bonamini product? Go to the dedicated page of Veneto Valpolicella DOP extra virgin olive oil!

Test yourself with this recipe for real winners and don’t forget to tag us @oliobonamini using the hashtag #bonaminimoment

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