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Harvest time: fall season with Cort’Emilia Bonamini wines

Harvest time:
fall season with Cort’Emilia Bonamini wines

There is a time for everything, even for the harvest!
And we are really entering in these months full of inebriating aromas and surprising wines.

In fact, just before the start of the production of our EVO oil, in the Valpolicella and Soave area as well as in those of the Prosecco Valdobbiadene and Lugana, you can breathe an busy air, but just as electrified and excited, for the new harvest that is about to begin.

Here at Bonamini, as good farmers and lovers of what our land gives us, in addition to extra virgin olive oil, we have a great passion for the classic wines of our area. “Niche” wines but also of national and international fame, table wines such as Valpolicella wine or Soave wine, but also wines such as the classic Prosecco for aperitifs or Amarone della Valpolicella as a meditation gem on autumn evenings.

The fruits of our land must not be wasted, because if only by putting a little more elbow grease we can produce something exceptional… why should we deprive ourselves and the rest of the world of those products considered, at international level, Italian food and wine masterpieces?

Ours is a limited line of wines that perfectly matches the varying that instead constitutes our production of extra virgin olive oil.
Cort’Emilia Bonamini, so we decided to name it, in honor of grandmother Emilia who rolled up her sleeves during the Second World War and replanted and modernized the farm left by her late husband; thus becoming a symbol and, for us, a model and example to follow.
Part of the grapes she cultivated are now vinified and the resulting product is a tribute to grandmother Emilia, whose wines still retain her character.

Bonamini’s white wines

vino soave doc

Vino Lugana DOC 2019

valdobbiadene Cort'Emilia Bonamini

1. SOAVE DOC: produced with Garganega and Chardonnay grapes, with an alcohol content of 12.5%. A white wine that is straw yellow colored with some greenish reflections, with a floral scent capable of leaving that harmonious and soft flavor in the mouth. Soave wine goes well with appetizers and first courses of fish and shellfish, as well as second courses of white or boiled meat. Like the classic Soave, the wine is served chilled in crystal glasses, making it the ideal choice for a summer aperitif.

2. LUGANA DOC: with a slightly higher alcohol content (13%), Lugana wine is produced with Trebbiano di Lugana, capable of giving our white wine that straw yellow color and that delicate but extremely pleasant scent. Lugana as a white wine is fresh and harmonious; also to be served fresh (10 ° -12 ° C), it can be found on the tables of those who consume seafood or lake dishes.

3. PROSECCO VALDOBBIADENE SUPERIORE DOCG EXTRA DRY: made sparkling with the Charmat method, Prosecco is the most famous of the Valdobbiadene wines. Accompanied by those aromas of fruit and flowers, classic hints of wines produced with Glera grapes, it creates a perfect balance on the palate, thus giving excellent drinkability and pleasantness to tasting. As in classic wines from the Valdobbiadene area, it is the optimal choice for aperitifs with fruit or fish, even if in closing it is an excellent match with dry artisan pastries.

But … there is also a time for red wines!

valpolicella Cort'Emilia BonaminiVino Valpolicella Ripasso Cort'Emilia BonaminiVino Amarone Valpolicella DOG 2016

1. VALPOLICELLA DOC: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Cabernet are some of the best known grapes in the world for the production of excellent red wines and coincidentally they are the basis of our Valpolicella wine. Ruby red, with an intense aroma and a dry but at the same time very soft flavor, it is probably the most consumed Valpolicella wine throughout the meal. In fact, it lends itself well to being the ideal accompaniment for classic Italian-style appetizers or main courses of meat, not necessarily red. Try it in combination with pizza.

2. VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO DOC SUPERIORE: “re-pressed” on the pomace of Amarone della Valpolicella, it is aged in steel for a few months and then in oak wood for 12. One of the most popular red wines from Valpolicella for its spicy aroma and full flavor, round and velvety. A Valpolicella that finds the perfect combination with meat sauces, game, hard and aged cheeses.

3. AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA DOCG: to the blend for Valpolicella, we remove the Cabernet and add the Oseleta variety. Valpolicella wine which is the result of 90-120 days of drying, over 40 days of maceration, 18 + 12 months of aging in wood and bottle. A 15% alcoholic strength masterpiece. A Valpolicella wine which, thanks to its aromas and scents, goes well with lunches or dinners based on grilled meat, roasts, game and aged cheeses; as well as being the inevitable meditation wine.

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