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To celebrate your most important occasions chooses olive oils

To celebrate your most important occasions chooses olive oils

The choices to make when preparing to celebrate important events are endless, all of them thick and requiring your full attention and preparation. Whether the choice starts with what dress to wear, where to celebrate or what favors to give to guests … you have no escape! It is said that sometimes the wait is better than the event itself; but in reality, in this case, we are sure that only once you have made the right decision regarding all the small and big details that make up your most important occasions, can you truly enjoy your moment to the full.

This time we really want to focus on a particular question and therefore the question that arises spontaneously is: how to choose the favors that best represent you and are suitable for you and your guests? The ideal gift for the guests who, together with you, will celebrate your most important occasion?

Over the years, the idea of ​​wedding favors for weddings, anniversaries or baptisms has taken and traveled many different paths. We have always tried to give something original, which left its mark and was not sadly destined to become one of the many objects without personality then placed on a shelf and left at the mercy of the dust.

In recent years, the desire to combine practical functionality and the tasty world of food and wine has made the demand for favors such as, in our case, bottles of oil or special boxes for favor oils skyrocket; yes, because if there is something you are sure of from the beginning it is that gifts for your guests must first of all excite, aiming nowadays at the emotion on a gustatory level, and then that they are able to reproduce other moments of equal joy and sharing; such as a dinner to taste the extra virgin olive oil received as a gift or simply a shared recipe that has the extra virgin olive oil received as a favor as its main ingredient.

Here at Frantoio Bonamini, as well as keeping up with all the news concerning the fascinating world of extra virgin olive oil, we like to walk step by step with the fashions that, in our long 55 years of activity in the ‘extra virgin, we have seen it transform from far and wide.

And therefore, when the occasion knocked on our door, we decided to respond to this need, giving the opportunity to create customizable favors, on the subject of extra virgin olive oil.

Our precious olive oil that deals with life at 360 °, which is a faithful companion of our days and which represents, in particular, the golden thread, able to connect well-being and the happy moments of being together, with family and friends.

But now… let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. How about discovering together our best proposals for olive oil themed favors? Together with us, the EVO becomes a wedding favor destined not to waste even a drop but rather, to save the situation.

The wedding favor: a set that appeals to everyone

Once you have reached the decision to aim for bottles of oil as wedding favors, it becomes difficult to actually understand which, among our wide range of extra virgin olive oil, best represents you, which fits your style and your special occasion the most. .

Among our shelves of extra virgin olive oil you will find the most different formats… from mignon to king size, from cans to bottles, from rustic and traditional design to the most modern and current one.

The choice for the perfect wedding favor with oil turns out to be, once again, difficult. But we are here to put at your disposal our in-depth knowledge of olive oil and our creativity, to create the ideal composition, which suits you best and which distinctly reflects your tastes.

How about a set of oil bottles for your wedding favors? There will therefore be no need to choose one or the other extra virgin but you will have the perfect opportunity to give the opportunity to discover three different products, bringing to the table the best Bonamini branded selection.

But what are the varieties of extra virgin olive oil kept in our sets for favors?

You will be able to delight the palate of your envoys with three of our best extra virgin olive oils such as Veneto Valpolicella DOP, Santa Giustina and San Felice, with a light and medium fruity taste.

Obtained from one of the best selections of native olives such as Favarol and Grignano but also of classic Italian varieties such as Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo. Every single one of our precious extra virgin olive oil preserves in its depth the flavors and aromas of our land, different but united by that sense of tradition and quality.

But let’s then continue our climb to the highest peak in choosing the perfect olive oil wedding favor.

Favors: a world of shades

What if, instead, you decide to bring colors to the table? The perfect joyful and classy wedding favor for the event of dreams.

Among our best selections of extra virgin olive oil, the brilliant colors of our flavored olive oils stand out with some ease. The red of chilli, the green of basil and oregano, the golden of lemon … a natural mix that invites you to choose the most original of our proposals for wedding favors in full extra virgin olive oil style.

If the colors do not convince you, let the scents of our 100% natural extra virgin olive oils do it and amaze your special guests, who will certainly never have been honored with such a characteristic wedding favor.

The spicy scent of garlic, the fragrant aroma of truffles and the warm memory of winter evenings that rosemary gives … the most authentic of ideas will be the backdrop to your most important day, revealing itself to be the perfect choice for your unconventional wedding favors, something that will impress and go straight to the center.

In recent times on the subject of favors it has been requested, more and more loudly, the possibility of even personalizing the label of our, already basic, original bottles of olive oil … so let your imagination fly and you will surely be able to create a masterpiece that goes beyond and far exceeds the classic wedding favor that has been seen and revised for years and years.

Our tips for the perfect design of an extra virgin style wedding favor? Play with the colors, the various styles of calligraphy, the decorations and be as original as possible in the choice that will then be your witness in one of the most important moments of your life. But not only that, with the choice of our EVO oil, your favors will be future life companions of your guests, who, as soon as they lay their eyes on your personalized oil bottle, will be able to bring back the best moments spent together and relive them all over again.

Favors and total sustainability? (EVO)f course!

From time immemorial deeply linked to the local traditions of extra virgin olive oil, we at Frantoio Bonamini have always paid homage to our land in all the ways we thought right, for the mother of all extra virgin olive oils. From the fertile soil, to the prosperous foliage of our beloved olive trees, from a meticulous processing in the mill, careful to guarantee the highest quality standards, to the reuse of raw materials such as the stone of the olives used as heating of the entire structure or the pulp, used for the production of biogas; in such a way as to give back to the earth what the earth has given us, in a perfect circular economy.

So what if we told you that choosing our olive oil as a wedding favor, as well as being the choice that would certainly give the turning point to your important event, was also the most correct choice towards the environment and all that is green. surrounds us? If we put it this way we are more than convinced that at this point there would be no great doubts or questions about what will be the final choice for your favors with olive oil but on the contrary, it seems to be quite obvious.

Nothing makes us feel more satisfied and at peace with ourselves than having helped you to make your occasion so unique and special with our EVO product and in the long run, having also helped to keep our relationship strong and prosperous. we have been maintaining for more than half a century with our greatest resource: the earth.

For us, for you, for those who will come in the future … for the well-being of all!

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