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Bonamini Oil awarded among the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in Italy

In the Gambero Rosso Oli D’Italia 2022 guide, again this year, two of our best extra virgin olive oils stand out, a recognition that once again rewards the excellence and quality of local cultivars and EVO oils from Veneto and the Verona area.

The award assigned to these two extra virgin olive oils is the famous “Due Foglie” award and the inclusion in the guide is considered a confirmation of the quality of the final product, our extra virgin olive oil, for consumers and it also represents for us a validation of the path taken for the realization of the this same.

Another Bonamini olive oil had already been previously included in the guide; our extra virgin Santa Giustina, awarded with the recognition of the “Tre Foglie”, still plays an important role in the Guide to Italian Oils, for the 2021 edition.


Gambero Rosso’s Guide to Oils of Italy

“Oli d’Italia” is the renowned guide that Gambero Rosso dedicates to the best extra virgin olive oils of our beautiful country. The first ever that for more than 10 years has brought to the attention of Italians an honest and truthful review of the extra virgin olive oils in circulation, tasting and evaluating them one by one; then managing to bring to newsstands and bookstores an integral guide of all the extra virgin olive oils on the market that are able to express the best of themselves.

Since its foundation, Gambero Rosso has represented a certainty in the world of high quality food and, in particular, of good Italian food.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the staples of the Mediterranean cuisine, a love story between land, passion and dedication that has lasted from time immemorial …
Gambero Rosso is all this and more!

Recently, the need to know and discover the story that our local products tell, has gradually developed more and more; the story of an area, its people and all in between.

Territories that thrill with the desire to be discovered and lived, and that has made the idea of ​​creating this guide jump into our heads, which gives us travels, suggested routes and brings back to the surface the unsurpassed quality of Italian culinary beauties, like ours extra virgin olive oil.


Or De Noires & Campo di Casa: the special features of the two awarded
extra virgin olive oils

Or De Noires is an experiment, which turned out to be successful, undertaken a few years ago. An olive oil that comes from a blend of only black olives, Leccino and Grignano varieties, one of our native cultivars. With a golden yellow color, it is a light fruity oil with sweet almond notes and a light herbaceous sensation. It is the optimal extra virgin olive oil for fish and white meat dishes and expresses its full potential even on boiled or boiled seasonal vegetables.


The history of the Campo di Casa is one that is worth telling. Oh yes, because in the end our counter-current choice of explanting a vineyard in the DOC Soave and Valpolicella area to plant an olive grove is proving to be a winning choice!

In 2012 the decision was made to surround our mill with a green lung of 950 olive trees, of which the varieties and the geographical location have been chosen with meticulous care.

After only a few harvests, we decided to let this extra virgin olive oil take part in competitions reserved for the “grown-ups” … Well, our “child” at the first opportunity earned the “Due Foglie” of Gambero Rosso and it was chosen by important chefs and restaurateurs, especially combined with fish cuisine, given its elegance and refinement.

A great light fruity (endangered category) that’s simply solding out.


How is the best extra virgin olive oil decreed?

Extreme synthesis of information, with shorter and more concise technical data sheets, but with an eye always turned to tastings and evaluations, which are less and less discursive but attentive, centered and precise. In short, EVO oil remains the absolute protagonist, with more detailed analyzes focused on the aromatic profile.

Panels of specialists able to offer a more usable guidebook aimed at everyone in a homogeneous way, from producers interested in investing to more curious consumers, who are just starting out with tasting experiences. The Italian Oils Guide, however, is made easy to read for everyone: from the fruity (set of hints and aromas perceptible to the nose), to the bitterness and spiciness (sensations to be tasted inevitable in a quality extra virgin olive oil)… to each oil a judgment is assigned to which aromatic descriptors are then added to help the choice. From almond to tomato, from freshly cut grass to pepper, from artichoke to banana.

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