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Italian extra virgin olive oil… and if it is PDO certified, winning choice!

The world of extra virgin olive oil, especially of a firm goodie such as Italian extra virgin olive oil, is increasingly broad and varied… leaving, for the most part, the consumer with great confusion and uncertainty during the purchase phase. Italians want Made in Italy, they want to support local products and olive oil is one of those ingredients that have been at the head of Italian kitchens for centuries and centuries.

But what is the best trick to recognize the real Italian extra virgin olive oil?

Probably the answer to this question will change depending on who answers it, but here at Frantoio Bonamini, an Italian extra virgin olive oil production company for more than 55 years, we want to take on our wealth of experience and give you an answer that it’s based entirely on our activity in the world of olive oil.

Sharing a piece of us with you is proof of the transparency we want to have first and foremost as a company, but also and above all, towards our green gold; Italian extra virgin olive oil and all its facets, whether good or bad, positive or negative, must be as clear as sunlight and give consumers the opportunity to choose the best product possible to bring into their culinary life, in the simplest way there is.

This article wants to leave aside for a moment the more subjective factor which, when tasting the extra virgin olive oil just purchased, is certainly the “taste” factor; delicate or savory, spicy or sweet … we are all different and we all like different Italian oils, and luckily we’d say!
Instead, we want to focus on those information, which are often overlooked, but which are actually the gateway to high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil.
Certifications, national and international denominations… are undoubtedly the best guarantees for the final consumer, his sure shot and the simply correct final choice.


Veneto Valpolicella PDO – the Italian extra virgin olive oil from a “protected origin”

Olio Veneto Valpolicella DOP
In addition to the classic Italian regions, such as Tuscany and Puglia, recognized for the production of good extra virgin olive oil, just beyond, Veneto also has its strong points.
In all the provinces, but in particular ours, which is Verona, Veneto Valpolicella extra virgin olive oil is produced; the exceptional nature of the product is certainly confirmed by the DOP mark, issued by the Consortium for the Protection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It is the requirement and necessity of producers of EVO oil and of anyone involved in part in the production chain to offer a product that guarantees the origin of the Veneto Valpolicella PDO oil, in compliance with the production regulations and the final consumer.


Veneto Valpolicella PDO is an olive oil characterized by a complex flavor and unparalleled quality.
Although there are several and with differences related to the area of ​​production and the type of olives used, our Veneto PDO oil has a range of shades of color ranging from straw yellow to more intense green. The indigenous varieties Favarol and Grignano give this extra virgin a slightly herbaceous and vegetal bouquet, a light, sweet fruitiness, suitable for the most delicate palates.
The combination of these olfactory and gustatory factors make Veneto Valpolicella PDO the ideal ally in the kitchen, combining it raw on light dishes of boiled or grilled fish, on white meats or dishes with a delicate and harmonious taste.


In short, in the end, the conclusion that we all manage to draw on this product is that if nature has been undoubtedly generous, the dedication of the producers (and Frantoio Bonamini) has made Veneto Valpolicella PDO extra virgin olive oil. an unrivaled product.



SEGUICI facebook Olio Bonamini instagram Olio Bonamini
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