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“Campo Di Casa” Oil: a CRU oil, with a blend that represents a won challenge

We want to tell you a story.

Before Frantoio Bonamini became one of the reference points for Italian extra virgin olive oil on a national and global level, it was a small and simple family business.
A somewhat particular story, the one that tells the beginning of the business, as it exudes willpower and, above all, strength of mind.
A widow, single mother of a child, takes over the property of her husband, who died fighting in the Second World War and with her extreme tenacity and determination manages to transform it into the beginning of what is now the historic Frantoio.

Vineyards, grapes at the time, not olive groves and olives. Nectar of the Gods, not the famous green gold.
Only the union of the daughter with the right miller made sure that the production veered on what is now the main purpose: to produce a quality extra virgin olive oil!

A few years and changes later, with an eye to becoming a point of reference in the world of extra virgin olive oil, a new project has awakened the desire for experimentation and research that has always characterized Bonamini’s walls.

And so, our story continues …

Olio Campo di CasaCampo di Casa oil, the Italian extra virgin olive oil that celebrates the family

Three hectares of land adjacent to the mill, but which until the spring of 2012, still bore the sign of the old production, i.e. cultivated with vineyards. Illogical and unusual on the part of producers of extra virgin olive oil to leave such precious land unused and it is precisely at this unanimous idea that the courageous decision was taken: to remove the vines and plant olive trees.

For 3 and a half years the mill worked hard for its new production of Italian olive oil, planting 4,000 olive trees, for a production, in their first production year, of 2,500 bottles of good extra virgin olive oil from the mill.

Experimental harvesting techniques and new varieties of olives to be tested led to the creation of Campo di Casa, the CRU oil par excellence.

CRU oil & olive blend: we tell the news among the novelties

By definition, a CRU extra virgin olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil produced with olives grown in a CRU olive grove; defined in this way when climate, soil and other factors, natural and otherwise, give the olive oil unique and specific characteristics, different from those found in other extra virgin olive oils, also produced in nearby places.

This extra virgin olive oil, in addition to its denomination described above, is the result of the art of blending and in this case, the most complex that the Bonamini has ever experienced.

From the English ” to blend”, translated as “mixture, mixing, mixing”, this is the correct term to indicate an extra virgin olive oil that is the result of the mix of different varieties of olives and, when we talk about the Italian Campo di Casa extra virgin olive oil, the varieties used are, for the first time, 13.

Varieties such as Grignano, Frantoio, Leccino, Casaliva, Bianchera, Coratina and many others, have contributed to the creation of the unique taste of this 100% Italian oil.

Organoleptic characteristics and curiosities on the subject of extra virgin olive oil

An extra virgin with a yellow color with slight green reflections, which releases soft and sweet notes to the nose and in the mouth gives sensations of fresh fruit and almond, synonymous with a completely balanced evo creation.
An olive oil that goes perfectly with dishes with a delicate taste such as lake fish, first courses of white sauces, fresh soft cheeses, boiled or boiled seasonal vegetables.

The particular label tells its whole story… it represents the exact shape of the olive grove of the “Campo di Casa” and you can also notice the insertion of the geographical coordinates of the same, so that everyone has the opportunity to discover and visit the exact place where this masterpiece of extra virgin olive oil was born.

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