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Bonamini tells: the “different” twins of the EVO

Since the birth of the historic oil mill, Bonamini’s production of extra virgin olive oil has always aimed to offer various, different and thousand of thousand different combinations of extra virgin olive oils on the market.
Color, scent, taste… none of the products on their shelves are the same.

Monocultivar extra virgin olive oil, certified DOP and organic olive oil, extra virgin produced with 13 of the most renowned, globally, varieties of green and black olives… the list would still be long but, the right time will come when each of the oils, strictly cold pressed. branded Bonamini will have their well-deserved moment of glory!

For today’s article we will focus on two extra virgin olive oils that have recently changed the cards on the table, distorting the way of thinking (and acting) that accompanied Giancarlo and Sabrina Bonamini for years.
The idea that most consumers have about a good extra virgin olive oil always starts from the assumption that, during the production phase, it is necessary to mix green and black olives together; certainly, in different percentages and quantities, even 2/3 different varieties together, but in any case that the final olive oil is the result of the union between the two.
In our present, that’s how it is, or rather, that’s how it was the creation of all the extra virgin olive oils that have appeared in the ranks of Bonamini products from 1965 to today.

Only recently, driven by a strong desire for revolution and renewal, the decision was taken to add two special evoo gems to the product package of the mill.
Well yes, Bonamini welcomed two new products, born from the scrupulous mind of those who brought this extra virgin olive oil to the top of the world.

For the first time, we no longer speak of a blend of green olives and black olives, but we speak of two distinct olive oils, produced entirely only with black olives, one and only with green olives the other.

Called Or De Noires & Vert De Vertes, let’s find out more.

The history of Or De Noires oil …

As depicted and intended to convey the particular label of this extra virgin olive oil, it shows a black olive, with the imprint printed in gold by Giancarlo Bonamini on top, from which a gold-colored drop is born … to indicate, in fact, Or De Noires.
In the mouth it is lightly fruity, with sweet almond notes and a slight herbaceous sensation. It was born to be the perfect extra virgin olive oil for first or second courses of fish or white meat and to accompany (and enhance) the taste of delicate boiled seasonal vegetables.

…and the Vert De Vertes

In the case of the Vert De Vertes extra virgin olive oil, the label has been kept the same basic, specifying some changes not entirely to be overlooked but which represent the core of the differences between these two extra virgin olive oils. In fact, there is a green olive from which a drop of the same color but with a slightly different shade is born … to indicate, in fact, an extra virgin olive oil with a thousand shades of green, the only product with the best selection of only green olives, Peranzana and Frantoio.
The nose is fragrant like fresh fruit and leaves, with an aromatic and decisive flavor. This olive oil that goes perfectly with the classic Italian bruschetta, Sunday grills or mixed summer salads.


A story of rewards and satisfactions

Still short-lived, but certainly spent as champions. The two extra virgin olive oils, which have revolutionized the Bonamini range of products, have also decorated the mill with new and important awards.

2020 saw these extra virgin olive oils as winners of “The WineHunter Award” for the Merano WineFestival, which is a real “think tank”, a forum for the exchange of opinions between producers, opinion leaders, professionals in the sector. and consumers: a meeting of food and wine excellence. The oil with only black olives won the “Red Award” while the Vert De Vertes triumphed among the “Gold Awards”. Not bad for their first year of life.

2021 was, however, the year of green oil produced only with green olives; protagonist and winner of some of the most important prizes and awards in the oil world. The Merano WineFestival crowned this extra virgin olive oil as the winner not of the “Rosso Award” or the “Gold Award” but rather as a triumph in the most important category: the “Platinum Award”.
In addition to this already great honor, he surprised the news of the nomination of Vert De Vertes as one of the products of Flos Olei’s “Hall Of Fame”, obtaining a score of 100/100 from the renowned and most important international guide to olive oils of Italy (and the world).

At this point, what to say?
Long live the changes and revolutions, which always manage to lead to final products such as Vert De Vertes and Or De Noires: available for purchase on https://shop.oliobonamini.com/en/

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