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Many aperitif ideas with Bonamini products: the tastiest do-it-yourself aperitif

Are you wondering how to organize an ad hoc aperitif? One of those which are not easily forgotten? A reinforced aperitif that ends with satiated guests with a smile on their faces? We are here to help you and so, let’s dive in together to the discover of this homemade aperitif that is increasingly popular in Italian homes!

But deep down, what is this well-known aperitif?
Easy to understand, the term derives from the union of two words that Frantoio Bonamini as good from Verona’s people like to hear and savor, namely: aperitif and dinner. A trend that has blossomed in recent years and it is enjoying unprecedented success from north to south.

A fun and creative alternative, the aperitif has everything you could ask for from a simple aperitif but with that extra panache that can give you that feeling of a real dinner. Also called “homemade aperitif“, the event sees its peak in the season that is approaching, that is, in summer. Evenings dedicated to good food, the best wine, the music of the moment and it takes nothing to animate any place, both home and worldly, with that thrill that only an aperitif  well done can give.

Many times, however, the enthusiasm of the evening is dampened by the panic that assails us when the time comes to organize everything. What aperitif menu to prepare? What recipes for an aperitif to propose? In what doses, in what quantities? In short, how to organize a do-it-yourself aperitif?
With our next tips, you will be able to organize your home aperitif evening to “refresh” the warm summer evenings.

How to organize an aperitif at your home

One of the most popular choices, especially if you want to host a large number of friends and/or relatives, is to organize the aperitif at home, so as to have carte blanche on all decisions concerning the success of your DIY reinforced aperitif.

First of all, we always try to organize the spaces available so as to better manage the aperitif evening that lies ahead. Chairs, armchairs, benches or sofas scattered here and there to give the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif in comfort and without the need for a fixed position at the table. As for the greedy part of our aperitif at home, it would be optimal to use a specific area only for food and beverages; a table placed in the center, easy to reach and that does not create queues and confusion, could be the evening-saving idea for your aperitif with friends.

As for all the extras such as cutlery, glasses and napkins, we always try to give that chic touch that could be found in the various places, even for the do-it-yourself aperitif. Using your good service could be a great starting point, but if you really don’t want to risk it, opt for items made of recyclable materials, favoring materials such as bamboo instead of plastic.

After you have decide well how to structure your summer aperitif evening externally, you feel the immediate need to think about the most important thing: from wine to appetizers, from buffets to finger food… we have ready for you many recipe ideas perfect for your reinforced aperitif.

EVO oil and 3 ideas for a summer aperitif

Focaccia extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt

Focaccia all'olio d'oliva
– Flour 500g
– Salt 10g
– Water 300g
– Honey 1 tbsp
Bonamini “San Felice” extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons
– Brewer’s yeast 15g
– Coarse salt to taste
Bonamini rosemary flavored oil

Make a hole in the flour and dissolve the yeast in a jug with the water. Once melted, pour everything into the central part and add the Bonamini “San Felice” EVO oil and honey and mix, kneading vigorously until a homogeneous result is obtained.
Place the mixture obtained in a covered bowl and let it rest in a dry and warm place, until it has doubled its original size.
Then, oil a rectangular pan well and spread the mixture over it, letting it rise for at least another hour. Finally sprinkle with coarse salt, sprinkle with our rosemary-flavored oil and bake for 20 minutes at 230 °.

Fresh artichoke salad

insalata di carciofi
Bonamini artichoke hearts in oil
– Lemon 1
– Grana Padano PDO 40g
– Lemon juice 40g
Bonamini “Santa Giustina” extra virgin olive oil
– Salt and Pepper To Taste

Cut the Bonamini artichoke hearts in half and then into thinner slices and grate the Grana Padano PDO into large flakes, set aside. Add 30g of lemon juice and 60g of Bonamini “Santa Giustina” EVO oil, salt and pepper to create an emulsion that will serve as your dressing. In a bowl, combine the Bonamini artichoke hearts and the newly created dressing, then serve your artichoke salad with the flakes of Grano Padano, ground pepper and a drizzle of raw Bonamini “Santa Giustina” extra virgin olive oil.

Avocado, EVO oil and tuna fillets

avocado e filetti di tonno Bonamini
Ingredients for 4 people:
– Avocado 2
– Valerian 150g
Bonamini tuna fillets in oil 200gr
– Pine nuts 50g
– Red onion ½
– Lime 1
Bonamini “Or De Noires” extra virgin olive oil to taste
– Salt to taste

Cut the avocado in half lengthwise, remove the internal bone and gently empty the pulp of the fruit with a spoon, being careful to leave the empty peel intact. Dice the avocado pulp and add them to the red onion previously cut into small cubes.
Lightly roast the pine nuts in a pan and in the meantime cut the Bonamini tuna fillets in oil into thinner fillets. Combine all the ingredients in a container, namely the diced avocado, roasted pine nuts and mini Bonamini tuna fillets in oil and season with the juice of half a lime, Bonamini “Or De Noires” extra virgin olive oil and salt. Now fill the avocado shells you kept aside with the resulting mixture and serve.

And here it is, the summer fashion of the DIY aperitif is ready to be experimented far and wide… so why not run to our oil online shop to always be ready to host friends and relatives for an aperitif that acts as a sovereign to the events of summer social life?

Take a look at the Bonamini Oil Shop!

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