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The summer test: tell me how you are and I’ll tell you what extra virgin olive oil you are

The personality of each of us is unique, never the same and it can reveal, in most cases, a lot about what our tastes are.

For this specific reason but also because, this time, we wanted to offer you a light and nice reading, we decided to turn our weekly blog article into a nice and fun test.
The summer test, which once finished will let you discover which olive oil is most suitable for you, the extra virgin olive oil that best represents you.

The important thing is to remember that there are no right or wrong answers, you just need to answer the questions honestly and… the rest will come by itself!

So, are you ready?
1,2,3 and away with the test that will reveal your taste on the subject of “extra virgin olive oil“!

If you were a type of EVO oil, which one would you be?

1) Describe yourself in one word:
A. Sweet
B. Determinated
C. Simple

2) The nuances that represent you at best:
A. The shades of sand, gold, ocher and brown
B. The shades of green, yellow and pastel colors
C. The shades of white, ivory, cream and soft colors

3) What do you use extra virgin olive oil for most?
A. As a condiment on meat and fish
B. As a condiment on cooked and raw vegetables
C. For cooking/frying or baking

4) If you want to lift up the mood of a special person, what do you do?
A. A lot of talking
B. Aperitif & music bar
C. Pizza & cinema

5) The activities you like doing the most:
A. Swimming and water activities
B. Trekking and adventure activities
C. Reading and cultural activities

6) If you were a season, which one would you be?
A. Autumn
B. Summer
C. Spring

7) How are you when you are with your family?
A. Support everyone’s ideas, the important thing is to be together
B. You are proactive and always full of proposals
C. Contribute in all fields, but never go too far

8) If you were a dish/food, what would you be?
A. A delicious grilled lake fish and seasonal vegetables
B. A juicy red steak with roasted potatoes
C. A soft cake to be dipped in hot milk for breakfast

9) You are more like:
A. Mountain
B. Sea
C. Spa and wellness centers

10) When you use extra virgin olive oil, what are you looking for?
A. Something that never disappoints
B. Freshness and pep
C. A classic taste

And here we are at the end of our summer test to find out which of our EVO oils is the one that best represents you and, probably, also the extra virgin that best matches and combines with the dishes you bring to the table every day.

The summer test: let’s find out together what kind of olive oil you are

You are a dynamic, light person who knows how to face situations calmly, even the most delicate ones. You are not superficial and you can make a difference, relieving what is heavy for you and for the people around you. Like Bonamini Valsecca extra virgin olive oil, you are a mix of flavors, but perfectly balanced, as are the bitter, sweet and spicy aftertaste from our most delicate and lovable EVO oil.


Olio Valsecca 100% Italiano in bottiglia

Valsecca extra virgin olive oil

On the outside you look like a simple person but in reality you hide inside the characteristics of a lions that are not understood at the first meeting, but only by living up to the last. Just like our strongest and most intense extra virgin, Santa Giustina, which has such a complex taste that it only reveals itself after several uses and combinations. All of its fresh components blend perfectly, as your desire for carefree and freedom is combined with your strong sense of responsibility. This is certainly the intense olive oil that best represents you, because a discovery that embodies all-round promises of well-being.

Santa Giustina extra virgin olive oil

You love simplicity and you feel comfortable in any situation, as well as our San Felice extra virgin olive oil which is the simplest ingredient to introduce into our everyday kitchen. A classic olive oil, which goes well with and on everything and binds every dish, just as you turn out to be a person able to connect with everyone without distinction.

Olio San Felice
San Felice extra virgin olive oil


So, are you happy with your result?
Did our extra virgin olive oil summer test bear the fruits you hoped for or did it upset the ideas you had about our extra virgin olive oils?
Let us know!

If, on the other hand, you are curious to taste the EVO oil which has proved to be the most suitable for you and your personality, you can buy them on our online shop at this link https://shop.oliobonamini.com/en/

PSST, we also give you alternatives, so you can try different extra virgin olive oils:

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