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Valentine’s Day desserts and Carnival “chiacchiere”

How to bake the best desserts with our EVO oil

February is close, the month of lovers and jokers.
Month of Valentine’s Day and Carnival, two events that kick off the annual celebrations, the starting point of the healthy conviviality that distinguishes us.
And you? Have you already thought about how to celebrate these romantic and fun events?

If, on this occasion, you feel like getting your hands dirty, then it’s time to think of some sweet, easy and quick recipes to bring to dinner the table at your romantic evening or at your costume party.
Coincidentally, our extra virgin olive oil is the right, healthy and tasty key to transforming every classic recipe into a guaranteed triumph of flavour!

The options for Valentine’s Day desserts and traditional Carnival recipes are many and varied, as are the ingredients that you can play with and amaze your sweetheart or guests at your costume party. In all these cases one thing is for sure, extra virgin olive oil is your perfect ally to add flavor, and even an extra touch of personality, to your recipes for quick and easy desserts.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the ingredients and preparation of a Valentine’s Day dessert and a Carnival one that have our extra virgin olive oil sitting in the seat of honour.

Valentine’s menu: don’t forget the desserts!

After a delicious candlelit dinner, there is only one way to round off your evening as a lover and amaze your sweetheart: present a Valentine’s Day dessert made with extra virgin olive oil and, if homemade, even better!

Evo oil lends itself well to being an excellent and valid ally, also in the field of desserts and sweet recipes.
Fragrant and delicate or intense and persistent, olive oil can easily replace butter in the preparation of desserts, making them softer as well as healthier and more digestible.

For this Valentine’s Day, we recommend that you get a heart-shaped mold and follow the original sweet recipe of the Bonamini family’s Lemon Cake.



The particular fragrance of lemon flavored oil is able to give any cake a unique freshness and lightness, therefore perfect for ending your romantic Valentine’s dinner without adding “extra weight”.

Now that you know how to prepare a romantic and delicious Valentine’s Day dessert, also using extra virgin olive oil, all you have to do is get to work to create the dessert that will leave everyone speechless. The different fragrances of the Bonamini extra virgin olive oils  will help you in the making!

From romance to fun: prepare Carnival “chiacchiere” with extra virgin olive oil!

Chiacchiere and other Venetian Carnival desserts, such as frìtole or castagnole, are a very sweet part of our tradition; on the contrary, in particular the galani (Venetian name for Carnival chiacchiere) represent THE tradition par excellence. Widespread from north to south, in different versions and with different names, they have a very ancient origin: it seems, in fact, that they derive from the “frictilia”, fried sweets prepared in the times of Ancient Rome for the spring celebrations corresponding to today’s Carnival .


These Carnival sweets are known in their less healthy but more enjoyable version, i.e. fried, but thanks to the right substitutions between butter and extra virgin olive oil, for example, and the recent reinterpretations between frying and baking in the oven, they have taken on a much more aware if not equally good and tasty.
All the more if to prepare them we use our extra virgin olive oil, suitable for a thousand uses in the kitchen, even for frying!

But how do you make Carnival “chiacchiere”?

Strips of pasta, notched and sprinkled with icing sugar, also accompanied by chocolate and jam, capable of bringing back the most beautiful childhood memories. This is the perfect description of Carnival chiacchiere and their role in the Veronese and Venetian culinary tradition.

The ingredients for this Carnival sweet recipe are among the simplest: flour, butter, sugar, eggs and, as a good Venetian, a drop of grappa or brandy; but also the olive oil for frying plays an important role.
Seed oil is certainly the most popular choice but we must not forget that it is extra virgin olive oil that makes the real difference when you are looking for the perfect, light and delicate frying. Thanks to its high smoke point, extra virgin olive oil is confirmed as one of the best ingredients for frying sweet Carnival chiacchiere.

Obtained the dough and after having cut out the rectangles of pasta, to conclude this easy recipe for Carnival, just dip the chiacchiere in boiling oil until golden brown. Let them cool, finish with a generous sprinkling of icing sugar and voilà you will have the perfect  re-creation of the original Carnival recipe right in front of your eyes. What are you waiting for? Now enjoy your extra virgin Carnival chiacchiere!

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