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The best of Bonamini, the 5 most loved products of 2021

Shopping on an oil e-commerce has proved, in recent years, to be one of the most stimulating experiences; the different categories of extra virgin olive oil, fine wines and delicious culinary specialties have allowed consumers to have various purchasing options.

This, on the one hand, may have facilitated the choice of “what to buy in the Bonamini extra virgin olive oil shop” but, on the other hand, it may also have made it rather difficult to narrow down the options and make a final decision.

To facilitate your shopping on our e-commerce, as lovers of good Italian olive oil and great supporters of Made in Italy, we at Frantoio Bonamini have selected the best-selling products on shop.oliobonamini.com in 2021.

The end of a year, as always happens, is the perfect time to take stock and look back to realize which path in the recent months our life has taken or in this specific case, our activity as producers of extra virgin olive oil; and this is how we came up with the idea of ​​drawing up this ranking of the best-selling extra virgin olive oil themed products in 2021.

Let’s now find out together which are the 5 best-selling products for the categories on our online shop: specialties, extra virgin olive oil, vinegars and condiments, cosmetics with olive oil and Cort’Emilia Bonamini wines.


Basil Pesto

The most loved of 2021 among our “specialties”

The renowned Pesto with Basil, produced in an artisanal way, exclusively with fresh basil and high quality extra virgin olive oil. One of the musts in the kitchen and on the tables of all Italians. Ideal dressing for first courses of long pasta but also the protagonist of new and delicious food pairings such as that with crustaceans or fish with a high content of “good fats” such as our extra virgin olive oil, with creamy cheeses and sundried tomatoes as a sauce for croutons or simply on the famous chicken sandwich.



Santa Giustina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2021 & our extra virgin olive oils

Santa Giustina extra virgin olive oil is today proclaimed the undisputed king of the year just past. With its evident herbaceous notes and a strong and decisive taste, it is the olive oil that represents the man of the house. Characterized by a low acidity, just like an excellent extra virgin olive oil, it is recommended on grilled red meat dishes, on fresh summer and winter salads, on full-bodied vegetables such as radicchio, artichokes or peppers … but we at Bonamini find that this extra virgin olive oil is perfectly married with the timeless bruschetta, a symbol of Italian cuisine and gastronomy since forever.


Infused Lemon Olive Oil

Vinegars and condiments: the 2021 revolution

The increase in the awareness of consumers who regularly buy olive oil on our e-commerce combined with the particular times spent in the recent years, have made sure that the curiosity and interest of customers also turn to products that differ from the classic extra virgin olive oil. This is how our flavored oils were born; particular infusions that were welcomed with open arms and mouth watering. In particular, for this 2021, extra virgin olive oil flavored with lemon stood out, indicated for flavoring fish-based dishes, salads, desserts that involve the use of extra virgin olive oil and lemon zest. A must for the finishing touch on meat carpaccio.



Scrub Soap Bar

Cosmetics with olive oil, one of the 2021 evolution

Already known by the Greeks and Romans for its beneficial properties on the skin, as well as for its exceptional food properties, olive oil has antioxidant properties, protects against the harmful action of free radicals and prevents the effects of aging.
For this past 2021, to do the honors in the “Cosmetics with olive oil” category is our extra virgin oil scrub soap with olive kernel microgranules to help eliminate dead cells and impurities and to regenerate the skin. which from the first applications will be more vital and luminous.



DOC Soave

2021: the year of ENO-gastronomy e-commerce

Loyal friend of our past days, this year was undoubtedly the famous good DOC wine. Among our rows of white, red and sparkling wines, the most classic of the Cort’Emilia Bonamini selection stood out: the Soave DOC. Produced with Garganega and Chardonnay grapes, with a straw yellow color, an floral scent and a dry and soft flavor, it is an eno-product that easily finds a place on the tables of all lovers of a fresh “glass of white wine”. It goes well with appetizers and first courses, even robust ones, second courses with shellfish and fish in general, white or boiled meat; excellent aperitif with pretzels and olives.

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