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Olive paté: the sauce that brings all of Italy together, from North to South

Olive paté: the sauce that brings all of Italy together,
from North to South

Tasty spreadable cream obtained by crushing the olives. The olive paste commonly used to enrich delicious aperitifs, appetizers, as an accompaniment to bruschetta with a drizzle of EVO or cured meats but also excellent in combination with first courses, meat and fish. ”
Let’s find out some other curiosities about the famous olive cream that has taken place on our table since time immemorial; if it seems to you that the history of extra virgin olive oil is ancient, just know that that of the olive paté goes hand in hand.

Italy and olive paté: a different love story for each region

It is now in the public domain that this olive sauce is produced in all Italian regions, which can boast of being large producers of olives, extra virgin olive oil and all its derivatives. From Veneto to Liguria, from Tuscany to Lazio but also directly on the Mediterranean, with Sicily and Puglia.
Each region adds that little personal touch to the classic olive paté recipe, thus obtaining several different qualities of the same product.

The classic olive paté is made with the best known variety of olive, the Taggiasca.
A small black drupe with a unique and sweet flavor, easy to grow and therefore available all over Italy. The type of Taggiasca olive creates an olive cream ideal for the preparation of delicious aperitifs, such as bruschetta with hot bread and manages to give that extra touch to your first courses of creamy cheeses, such as fresh ricotta.
If you want to raise the level for a special dinner, everything can be seasoned with spicy salami and dried tomatoes!

The different types of olive paté

Most consumers are used to coming across only black olive pate, but the reality is quite different, as there is also a version of green olive cream.
Bonamini olive pates are in fact available in both versions!

The black olive pate, produced in 90% with the pulp of black olives, in addition to 10% of extra virgin olive oil, has an aromatic and decisive taste. Ideal as a spreadable cream on croutons and canapés, as a condiment for pasta or to flavor meat and fish dishes.

Unlike green olive paté, which has a sweeter and creamier taste, which goes well with pasta with fish sauce or simple sandwiches with cold cuts and cheeses. A veil of green olive cream on your grilled turkey or chicken and eating healthy will certainly be tastier!

Many other sauces and recipes will acquire a different taste if they are embellished with our black or green olive paté: on the one hand you can have a more intense taste, while on the other a more subdued and delicate one.
The choice is therefore more varied than what you think. It was decided to satisfy all tastes and palates, offering the possibility of finding different pates and olive creams on the shelf, able to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Olive paté: famous only in our peninsula?

Three alternatives that the world offers to our olive pate recipe is certainly the tapenade: a preparation of Provençan origin, but also widespread in America, especially in North and western Asia. A homemade recipe, easy to prepare, exactly like our Italian olive paté.
Another Mediterranean product that has managed to influence world culinary habits!
A difference? The olive cream of French origin has a more intense and decisive flavor, as it was decided to combine the classic ingredients such as green or black olives and extra virgin olive oil with other products such as anchovies and capers. However, use always falls in combination with classic dishes: bruschetta, appetizers or delicious aperitifs but also as an accompaniment to meats, vegetables and cheeses.


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