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Selling olive oil online: the most tasty e-commerce there is

Selling olive oil online:
the most tasty e-commerce there is

The current world situation, over the last few years, has led to a more than consistent development of the various activities on the web. Even for working areas like ours, that is food and wine, the need to develop on this platform the possibility of getting our extra virgin olive oil to everyone, in a simple and fast way, has grown loudly.

An olive oil e-commerce is an idea that has been in our minds for a long time … we have always liked to give our visitors the opportunity to see our extra virgin olive oil arrive right in front of their front door; or to be able to travel light, without the worry of having to carry their stocks of olive oil with them, without which they did not want to leave our beautiful Italy.

We then started as everyone does, providing shipments of EVO oil, nationally and internationally, via telephone or in-person orders.
In the long run, even after seeing our extra virgin olive oil production business grow, the need arose to make all this much easier for both parties involved; for those who buy and for those who sell.
The launch of an e-commerce of extra virgin olive oil was a gamble and a risk taken in mid-2019, which began in small steps and timidly and it had its maximum exploit during the first months of 2020.
Then we realized how much our olive oil was deeply desired and necessary in the homes of Italians and beyond. An oil online shop that got orders from all over Europe, from Japan, from Eastern European countries and from the United States of America.

By providing an e-commerce service like ours, full of offers, discounts, organization and above all speed of shipping, despite everything, online sales of extra virgin olive oil still present themselves as a new discovery in our eyes.
But we are aware of the excellent service that Bonamini olive oil e-commerce offers every day!


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The only solution when you feel pushed by the need to have our bottle of EVO oil in the kitchen ready for use or simply on display on the dining table, is to turn on the computer and type in this simple e-commerce address: shop.oliobonamini.com and then our virtual world will be there to welcome you.

Featuring the classic Bonamini colors and images, that perfectly describe our daily lives as Italian olive oil producers, our e-commerce is easy to understand and even easier to “navigate”.
Divided into categories to facilitate the search, you will find names such as “Extra Virgin Olive Oil“, “Specialties”, “Gifts” and also an entire section dedicated to current offers and promotions.
Each category and each product have a very detailed description to guide those who visit our oil online shop to the most optimal choice, which will meet and then be able to perfectly meet the tastes of the final consumer.
Once the e-commerce cart is full of extra virgin olive oil goodies, the check out phase will be even easier and faster.

We like to give you the opportunity to take advantage of all the offers until it’s possible: with discount codes, gifts and free shipping …
an e-commerce of olive oil, which becomes a real shopping experience.
With attention to the smallest details, our attentive shipping department will immediately take care of the request and in no time at all, the final order of EVO oil will have departed from the Bonamini headquarters and traveling to destinations that, many times, leave us at mouth open.
Whether the online order comes from neighboring regions or overseas countries, it doesn’t matter …
in 48, maximum 72 hours, the yellow package that so distinguishes our brand will peep out in front of your front door, giving you the new possibility to recreate in the kitchen and in your dishes, that note of Italian taste that was so missing.

A troubled and uncertain beginning which then led to the great success that we all witness every day. The e-commerce dedicated to EVO oil was one of the biggest bets ever made, but thanks to our commitment and above all to every single consumer of our extra virgin olive oil, it is a reality that is still real and alive.
And if you haven’t had the chance to this virtual experience yet, just click here to go directly to our olive oil online shop and rediscover that scent and flavor that is so missing within the walls of your daily culinary life.


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