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Filtered or unfiltered olive oil: let’s make this clear!

Filtered or unfiltered olive oil:
let’s make this clear!


In the world of EVOO oil, as indeed in all large production sectors, every year enormous steps forward are made and new machinery is continuously tested; this helps the producer in the most difficult part and time of his work, namely the production of the very much loved and praised extra virgin olive oil.

Thanks to mechanical crushers and centrifuges, those who produce extra virgin olive oil see their work much easier and, with the advancement of the 4.0 technology, they can also aim to minimize the possible waste collected from our green gold post-production.

Nowadays, however, from the single production, in which each part of the olive is crushed, we are able to obtain solid parts, pits and pulp and other liquid parts in addition to our precious olive oil, that is: water.

But you know, not even the best technologies are perfect and that is why from the separation between the solid and liquid parts, tiny particles of olive pulp will then be found in the fluid garments of our extra virgin olive oil; thus creating the famous unfiltered or “wholeolive oil.

The tasty but fragile world of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

Still steaming hot, spicy at the right point and with a bright color, unfiltered olive oil represents the highest purity in terms of EVO; as it is the only extra virgin olive oil that does not undergo any extra process after its production and which consequently is bottled as soon as it is produced.

Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil has an intense and cloudy color, due precisely to those pulp residues left in suspension in the olive oil itself. A color that attracts and fascinates and creates an aura of curiosity, which only the taste of this unfiltered extra virgin can confirm its excellent quality. Characterized by a dominant and pleasantly pungent scent and flavor, this whole oil is a bet for all new customers who buy it for the first time.

But we know that, right from the start, this is a bet with an easy win! Do not be fooled by the presence of a layer of deposit on the bottom of the bottle of your unfiltered oil, it is not synonymous with old or “bad”, rather it is the characteristic that raises the bar of the purity of our extra virgin olive oil.

Whole oil: a not lasting love story

But sadly, as with everything, not all that glitters is gold and your ingenious plan to stock up on unfiltered olive oil so that you have enough for the whole year is about to be messed up … in fact, this particular green gold, unfortunately, does not last over time, except for the first months post-production. This peculiarity is due to the pulp particles, which make EVOO oil more fragile.

And since extra virgin olive oil is a product that should preferably be consumed fresh, our advice is to buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil in the autumn/winter season and during the rest of the year let the choice fall on an filtered olive oil, perhaps produced with a majority (or entirely like our EVOO Vert De Vertes) from green olives such as, for example, the extra virgin olive oil Santa Giustina.olio integrale

Filtering extra virgin olive oil: an action aimed at doing good

It’s true, once you enter the tasty world of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, you won’t want to eat any other meal without it; but, we must also think long in the future and this is why all the most advanced olive oil facilities, after the period of the first pressed olive oil, will proceed to filter it.

With the help of new technologies, this last step is also facilitated and automatic, the whole oil will pass between cellulose panels, able to stop the remaining olive pulp cells so as to give us that clear olive oil, known by all as the filtered extra virgin olive oil; which it will be bottled in classic dark glass bottles for optimal conservation.

Filtered or unfiltered oil doesn’t matter, store it properly

Extra virgin olive oil has four enemies: light, oxygen, heat and time and for these reasons it should be kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight, better if kept in a cool place and always with the cap closed, to avoid oxidation. Prefer (dark) glass bottles and/or cans to plastic containers.

Since the last enemy of our EVOO oil is time (also the enemy of all of us!), we also recommend that you consume extra virgin olive oil when fresh or unfiltered, to better appreciate its qualities of fragrance and freshness.


If you are now curious about this famous unfiltered or “whole” olive oil, just make a quick visit to our olive oil facility late in the season (mid-November), to fill your nose, your palate and your pantry with good extra virgin olive oil from Bonamini.

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