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Extra virgin olive oil on our skin (and more): the new summer hit

Extra virgin olive oil on our skin (and more):
the new summer hit

The summer is at its peak and the perfect time to draw the cards has come, discovering and putting on the table more characteristics and qualities, sometimes hidden and unknown, of our extra virgin olive oil.
In addition to being a friend in the kitchen and on our every day dinner table, EVO oil is a real ally for our health and our body; that body that in the summer is a little “mistreated” and overshadowed, very often by the classic external factors that distinguish the favorite season of most Italians.

Using olive oil on your skin, to tan or simply to give it relief after a long day by the sea, is not just taking care of yourself at that precise moment, but it is taking care of it before, during and after; the world of extra virgin olive oil is in fact able to transform itself, thanks to its cosmetic properties, into a more precious treasure than you think.

Olive oil: an inexhaustible source of good qualities


    • As an after-sun: applying the oil to our skin is one of the best methods and also 100% natural, against the classic skin that is burnt or affected by erythema, thanks to its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.
      EVO oil is rich in substances such as vitamins A, B, C, E which in addition to acting in depth on small irritations, restores its natural balance to the skin.
      Simply apply the extra virgin oil directly to the skin which needs to be treated or make packs for an immediate feeling of relief.


    • As a hair protector: one of the physical points most “brutally” hit by the summer season is our hair, but once again olive oil has what we need to work best on dryness and split ends. Able to give shine and softness, it will be enough to distribute with your hands or a comb, a few drops of our extra virgin on the hair… but if you want a deeper action, go ahead with compresses of EVO oil on dry hair for about half an hour, to find it hydrated, nourishing and fortified.


    • As a tanner: the main goal of the summer is to have the perfect tan, which is able to give that golden color to our skin and nothing is easier than replacing the famous tanning cream on our body with our oil of extra virgin olive. In fact, not everyone knows that the nourishing components of this green gold are easily absorbed by the skin, helping to attract the sun’s rays and in doing so, they contribute to creating that much sought-after golden and uniform effect.
      But be careful! It is good thing to prepare the skin to be tanned with a defensive sunscreen, as the direct action of olive oil on the skin is stronger and faster than you think.


    • Against skin irritations: summer, the beach, the young nights… we always feel that need to be perfect, in every single part of our body and this, the ladies, are well aware of.
      But how can you avoid that annoying redness after waxing?
      The best extra virgin olive oil on delicate skin has a strong counteracting action against folliculitis and if soaked in a piece of cotton wool and spread on the legs and arms, it will be able to remove all the residues of hair removal, both visual and not.
      And… is it possible to depilate with only olive oil? We give you this answer out & loud: YES!
      Spread, massage and remove. Three simple steps that will leave your skin after treatment with extra virgin olive oil, delicate, perfectly lubricated and protected from the sun, ready for the beach.


  • As a healer: sand, that love/hate combo of many people, is a perfect natural scrub, but it could in the long run cause minor injuries to the feet, especially for the most delicate ones. Our EVO oil, if applied to those areas of our skin and massaged deeply, is able to infiltrate the cracks and rebuild, with its substances, the damaged parts. A great way to avoid dryness and ensure a smooth foot with a nice sandal or open shoes.

The extra virgin on the skin follows you on vacation

vacanze mare spiaggia

The list of benefits of applying olive oil on our body, in the summer season, could go on for a long time, but we have decided to share with you only the main ones.
Soothing, moisturizing, protective and tanning action. Gives elasticity and shine, nourishing deeply. It is difficult, almost impossible, to think of finding an element that has all these qualities in one!

Before sailing into the deep waters of the sea, take the time to browse our Online Shop and be sure of which Bonamini product, based on extra virgin olive oil, ready to use and which will give the best well-being to your skin, matches your summer best.

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