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Grilled dressing: the Bonamini selection that is the perfect match

Grilled dressing: the Bonamini selection
that is the perfect match

The arrival of summer, the onset of heat and the lengthening of the days make each of us grow that desire, completely sensible and desired, for something “different”; that something that is almost completely different from the monotony experienced in the cold period that has just passed.

The search for this stimulus is developed both outdoors, outside the home, and within the walls of our home and in particular in the kitchen or simply on our table.

In our case, we always like to find different ideas and connections with what is the world of extra virgin olive oil, to which we are deeply attached and which regularly proves to be one of the cornerstones of any topic on the culinary and non-culinary theme.

And, therefore, how can we combine the idea of ​​the precious extra virgin olive oil with the theme of “culinary freedom”? Simple… take the classic activity that we Italians like to do since time immemorial, such as the famous spring barbecue, add that right dose of good Italian extra virgin olive oil and here you will have your answer but not only … even the most tasty method of escape from the tedious everyday life.

Lovers of good food, quality Made in Italy products such as extra virgin olive oil and experienced culinary experts, we have always been attracted by the most classic of activities, the choice of which falls on every holiday such as Easter Monday, May 1st, August 15th … timeless barbecue! Able to give relief to our taste buds, thanks to the use of inevitable products such as good meat with ad hoc marinating or the perfect sauce with the right extra virgin olive oil, but also to give peace to our souls, thanks to the possibility given to pass a perfect day, full of company, the right one and food, the much desired one.

But no more chatter, let’s find out together which products among the wide selection of extra virgin olive oil and other Bonamini condiments, lend themselves to being the most correct answers to the question: “How to season grilled meat?”

Marinate your meat on the grill with our most classic evos

It is said that marinating meat is like stretching, which is important and necessary. But be careful … as well as stretching, if done badly or for a long period, it negatively affects the muscles, also marinating for grilled meat must be done with the right and correct precautions. Marinade responsibly. The sauce must make the meat more tender, so even just 15/20 minutes already makes the difference, but the important thing is to always stay under 24 hours of marinating.

One of the essential key ingredients for marinating grilled meat to perfection is the healthiest source of fats and which always finds a place of honor in our kitchen: olive oil. Combined with the other essential components such as vinegar or lemon juice, salt and various aromas, it creates the perfect recipe to form the tastiest seasoning for grilled meat.

Although the basic rule allows the use of any type of oil for marinating, we always recommend the use of an extra virgin oil, for its flavor and quality; with a lower smoke point than other sources of fat but still with an important non-stick function and that will surely enrich your grill with that real genuine flavor.

If we talk about genuineness, we are talking about Bonamini and in particular about our selection of extra virgin olive oil, which contains the two of the most classic and historical of our products: Santa Giustina and Valsecca. Two evos of equal quality, equally good and equally appreciated, but you know … we are all different and each of us has his preferences. We have ours, but let us explain how these two extra virgin olive oils differ so that you can make your choice.

Valsecca is the classic olive oil appreciated from Northern Italy, produced with naturally delicate varieties including our native Favarol and Grignano, it lends itself to being one of the most balanced of our extra virgin olive oil production. Thanks to its well-balanced flavor in all its sweet, bitter and spicy components, it is suitable for fish and white meat dishes, as a marinade for the grill or on boiled vegetables, the classic accompaniment to our lunches under the banner of the grill. .

If, on the other hand, you prefer to dare a little more, the most logical choice falls on one of the most loved extra virgin olive oils, our Santa Giustina. Produced with a selection of mostly green olives, this extra virgin olive oil creates that perfect union between the fragrant scent of leaves and fresh fruit and its aromatic and decisive flavor. The classic good olive oil from the frantoio, a drizzle on bruschetta, as a condiment for rich summer salads or in this case, the perfect sauce to marinate your grilled meat.

We give you some advice: if you use Santa Giustina, we doubt that you will need to add any other seasoning. He already does everything!

Seasonings for grilled meat: the most particular choices

If, on the other hand, your tastes are better combined with those slightly more eccentric flavors, do not despair, as always at Frantoio Bonamini, among our best selection of extra virgin olive oil, we have something that could be right for you.

The use of these extra virgin olive oil-based goodies could also make the accurate step of marinating easier and faster, omitting some ingredients considered “basic” and instead using a single food that contains them all.

Have you ever heard of flavored oils? And in your opinion, could this be a viable alternative for your perfect grilled meat marinade? We believe so and these below are our tips, already tested and tasted, which have converted even the most skeptical souls.

  • Rosemary flavored extra virgin olive oil: with natural aroma of rosemary and dried rosemary, particularly suitable for seasoning roasts, marinating grilled meat, white focaccia and, of course, on the inevitable baked potatoes, the favorite side dish for young and old.
  • Lemon flavored extra virgin olive oil: with natural lemon aroma, it gives that exotic touch to all sweet and savory preparations. In addition to replacing the classic lemon peel in the preparation of soft cakes, it replaces the “acid” factor in the marinating phase. And it is also the perfect condiment for grilled fish dishes or fresh summer salads.
  • Garlic flavored extra virgin olive oil: with small pieces of dried garlic and 2% natural flavoring, it is the most versatile of our flavored. Excellent base for sautéed or for the classic pasta “garlic, oil and chilli (also available this extra virgin olive oil Bonamini)”, but finds its greatest use not only on the classic grilled meat, but also on the obligatory accompaniment when this type of event takes place: grilled vegetable mixes.

What are you saying? Have we been able to convince you that you can broaden your taste horizons even when you ask yourself what are the perfect condiments for grilled meat?

BBQ? Marinade with wine instead of olive oil

If you are always in the mood for experiments and you like the idea of ​​proposing something different from the classic basic recipe, here is another tip: marinating grilled meat with wine could, indeed is, the perfect alternative to use. of the oily part such as extra virgin olive oil.

Why do you say? Let’s find out together!

An alcoholic marinade has the ability to make your grilled meat softer, as well as very tasty and absolutely far from being dry and stringy. The wine to use? Strictly red and strictly quality. Among our shelves, in addition to the wide range of evos, our selection of Cort’Emilia Bonamini wines stands out with some ease, which includes three different types of red wine.

A Valpolicella DOC, a Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore and an Amarone Valpolicella DOGC. Important names for equally distinct and thick products. But we are first and foremost producers of extra virgin olive oil and subsequently great lovers of a good glass of red wine tasted in excellent company. So this is our final tip …

Do you want to change the cards on the table in preparing the perfect marinade? And have you thought about replacing olive oil with the excellent alternative of red wine? Well, use our Valpolicella DOC, the classic table wine or in this case a marinade.
As for Ripasso and Amarone, well in this case we are of the opinion that these wines should instead be drunk as an accompaniment to your grill, previously marinated with the tastiest extra virgin olive oil from the Bonamini selection.



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