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Veneto and extra virgin olive oil: tradition and taste in your Easter recipes

Veneto and extra virgin olive oil:
tradition and taste in your Easter recipes

Having a deep bond with local traditions has always been one of our cornerstones, both in the production of extra virgin olive oil and in all the other infinite facets that make up our reality. From the earth to the table, experimenting and learning from those who helped us to become a medal with different faces: on the one hand an example of a quality extra virgin olive oil, on the other a family that, despite the generations have changed, still finds the time to get together and carry on traditions, such as the creation of Christmas recipes or, given the period, Easter recipes.

Easter recalls taste and tradition; and in this case our product, extra virgin olive oil, as they say, falls like a bean, as a key element in the success of all your Easter recipes.

From appetizers to desserts, the main Easter recipes require the use of a quality extra virgin olive oil, as a basic ingredient, as a condiment or simply to flavor … in short, using an oil that makes the difference will be able to give that touch in more not only to your Easter recipes and your dishes but why not? Even at your table!

Quality extra virgin olive oil and Frantoio Bonamini are two things that sound in harmony in the same sentence; a pairing, a pairing, a closeness of two worlds that have come together to create one of the healthiest, most versatile products used in the creation of, not only Easter recipes, but of all the recipes of the famous Mediterranean Diet.

At this point, what to say? Are you ready to find out why our extra virgin olive oil is the perfect candidate for the success of your Easter recipes?

Easter menu: stories of recipes and extra virgin olive oil

Every year the same story … the ideas for Easter to bring to the table are a thousand, inviting in the same way but completely different in the assembly, in the realization and in the choice of combinations. But we are sure of one thing: extra virgin olive oil is an irreplaceable and inevitable ingredient.

Following the traditions that helped us take our first steps in the world of extra virgin olive oil, our Easter menu is complete, tasty at the right point and the perfect representative of the Venetian culinary tradition.

Appetizers & first courses:
recipes for Easter not to be forgotten

Pasqualina salad, in Veneto, don’t just call it a side dish, it’s much more! An unmissable course to be included in your Easter recipes. The variations are endless, but the staples of Venetian and Veronese cuisine have always been asparagus, an excellent product of the area, eggs (including quail), shrimp tails, lettuce heart and also a conspicuous use of our extra virgin olive oil. olive, 120gr for a dose of 8 people! Yes, when it comes to olive oil, the Venetians are not joking. Between local products, seasonal accompaniments and explosions of taste, this is one of the most reproduced (and loved) traditional Easter recipes in recent years. The Bonamini extra virgin oil that par excellence matches the first course of our Easter menu is the award-winning and renowned Veneto Valpolicella PDO, which with its finely fruity flavor pairs perfectly with the traditional dish.

The next dish that always comes up among the ideas for Easter has as its main ingredient a product of which we Venetians are great lovers and consumers, a bit like in the case of our extra virgin olive oil, namely rice. This time, to give more character to the classic Easter menu, we combine it with an element perhaps unknown to many: bruscandoli or more commonly called, wild hop tops. Growing in spring, in cool and fertile areas, they are the perfect ingredient to stir up the usual monotony of classic Easter recipes. In addition to having an infinite number of beneficial properties, just like extra virgin olive oil, its bitter notes go perfectly with our Santa Giustina and Vert de Vertes, as desired. With a strong, decisive and aromatic aroma, these two of our products form a perfect combination of extra virgin olive oil and Easter recipes, creating a balance that smells of taste and tradition.

Lamb: the unmissable dish on the Easter menu

When it comes to tradition and Easter recipes, the first dish you think about is certainly lamb. Whether in Veneto or in any other Italian region, for generations after generations this dish has won the first place among our ideas for Easter. Symbol of sacrifice, innocence and, in the case of the Christian tradition, of the resurrection of Jesus, the combination of lamb and extra virgin olive oil, to be used this time as a condiment (and a thread in cooking), go hand in hand in the menus for Easter. All the Italians.

Our advice is to combine it with our Or de Noires, which being produced with one of the best selections of black olives only, turns out to be an olive oil with sweet almond notes and light herbaceous sensations, which make it the ideal condiment for meat dishes, which as in the case of lamb are white but have all the characteristics of red meat.

Brasadela or Broada: the sweet dilemmas
of the Easter menu

Brasadela Pasquale is one of the Easter recipes of Veronese gastronomy. A simple cake, in the shape of a donut with a hole, which was prepared with few ingredients during the Easter period. A dessert that, in all respects, reminds us of our world and extra virgin olive oil and is also accompanied by an ancient proverb “If no pioe su l’olivela, pioe sula brasadela” where the olivela (the olive tree) indicates Palm Sunday and brasadela that of Easter, and therefore “if it doesn’t rain on Palm Sunday, it rains on Easter Sunday”. Easter recipes are many and varied, in fact this preparation is not to be confused with the Broada (or Brasadela Broà), another dessert included in the Easter menu of the Veronese, with its characteristic shape that recalls the crown of thorns, symbol of Christ’s passion.

Over the years, the recipes for Easter have gradually changed, both in the composition and in the use of ingredients, calling for a healthier diet. In fact, recently we have come to experiment with the same historic recipe in the “desserts” section of our Easter menu but by replacing the butter with the use of extra virgin oil; a studied, sensible and balanced replacement. In fact, extra virgin olive oil is one of the main ingredients for making baked goods, as it makes the dough more crumbly, crispier, more extensible but also increases the palatability of the product and its satiating power. Always remember to use an extra virgin olive oil with a fine and delicate taste, such as our San Felice, so as to create the right balance between all the notes of the sovereign recipe of our Easter menu.


As you have had the opportunity to discover, extra virgin olive oil is one of the most versatile products of the kitchen, not only Venetian but also international and finds space in every recipe for every occasion, as in the case of our Easter recipes. The success of the final result of the recipe lies in identifying excellent basic ingredients and in fact, choosing a quality extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental part of the job and also one of the most difficult choices to make. This is why we at Frantoio Bonamini want to make this decision safe and easy, offering an olive oil that is able to respect and represent all the standards of the quality product, inevitable on all of us tables and in everyday recipes, even more if for the success of our Easter m


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